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Our Team

 Board Members

Arif Abdul Aziz a young & versatile entrepreneur is founder & Chairman of Alif Investments. Furthermore he is also managing his family business as Director,Memon Abdul Aziz Trading LLC. a flagship group that provides construction material to several countries across the globe .The group caters to the needs of customers across 3 continents .His passion and drive to find the most appropriate solutions has helped increase the asset value of his business and take a lead in a highly specialized and competitive market.

Asif Jabbar, Founder & CEO of Alif Investments over the years led several business development ventures at small & large scale. His broad ranging experience began at a very young age he began by managing investor portfolios at the Stock Exchange .Business Link was the stepping stone in 1993, from here onwards it has been a continuous journey of development ,innovation and inspiring ideas of growth.

Under his dynamic leadership Asif, managed to build one of the largest imports and distribution houses in Pakistan. It was his vision and use of modern IT technology that led to innovative management style to manage their finances and large inventories through specialized software. In 1998 Narji Trading began operations in UAE .Starting from Casio Calculators, within a short span of time several multinational brands came on board with their products and soon the group was importing and exporting products in several countries around the world. Setting up a factory in China, developing the Shinon brand and almost 500 products supplying to Africa and Asia, Asif’s market visionary and product development expertise has built a strong repute in the business community of Pakistan, UAE & China. Challenges are never enough for Asif it was the drive of achievement that made him head Fortune Homes group and create history in real estate ventures in UAE . Once more innovating through new modes of advancing business such as under writing projects and venturing into major property agreements such as RAIKIA & HYDRA. Presently Asif has dedicated all his expertise, time & resources towards Alif Investments.


A young entrepreneur started his career in early age by joining his family’s confectionary business, with his business approach and vision in 2002 established his own business under the name of Asna Food Products. He is the member and shareholder of Alif Investments since its inception.


Ovais Jabbar brings with him two decades of experience in business development .Well known in the UAE industry for his entrepreneur skills and developing strategic alliances in various markets. He has to his credit the first milestone achievement of attaining sole distributor rights for Casio and Citizen Products in Pakistan. This led the road to a series of brands in electronics and home appliances joining the group .Building strategic alliances with numerous multinational businesses has made him an expert in managing multiple brands simultaneously.

Ovais has a continuous drive to raise the bench mark and therefore he went on to set up his own facility of manufacturing car navigation & audio – visual products with local partners in Guang-zhou China & Hong Kong. The manufacturing unit developed customized products for whole sale markets of Europe, Africa, and Middle East, GCC & Asia .Under the brand name of Shinon more than 500 products were developed and marketed across the globe . His dynamic, consultative management style attracts and retains expert staff in areas where specific expertise is required.


A renowned Islamic scholar, Graduate from University of Karachi completed his daura-e-hadith from Wafaq ul Madaris in 1984 which is equivalent to double MA Arabic then he got his PHD degree (Mufti Course -Takhassus Fil Fiqh) in 1986, Since then he is teaching in Jamiat ul Ulooom al Islamia Allama Muhammad Yousaf Banori Town. He is considered to be authority on the subjects of fiqh and hadith.

He is the member of shurah council and head of building committee of Jamia Banori Town, All his work is honorary and dedicated to the Islamic teaching of shariah hadith and fiqh. He has his own business of Islamic book store in the name of maktaba ghafooria Aasmia and also runs his father’s renowned Islamic book store chain of Pakistan under the name of H M Saeed Company.


A graduate (BBA Honors) and Masters in Finance comes from an extensive banking background and has been on important managerial positions in Citi Bank, Abn Amro & Samba Bank in the retail sector. He has a vast experience of more than 12 years in real estate industry in Pakistan & Dubai. Currently he is also Group CEO of Solitaire Group in Pakistan which is involved in Commercial / Residential construction in Karachi and other areas of Pakistan & is involved in import/trade of vehicles in Pakistan.

He particularly focuses on expansion of the company's current businesses into new areas and markets.



Mufti Muhammad Zubair is a well-known famous religious scholar. After completing Hifz e Quran and primary education in Jamia Al-Saeed.. He did his MA Islamiaat (Daur e Hadees) From Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi in 1999. He completed his 3 yrs course of Takhassus Fil Ifta during this period he researched and issued fatwas which later was published in a famous magazine called Al Balaagh. Then his Sheikh Molana Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani appointed him as a teacher in Darul Ifta section of Darul Uloom Karachi. There he compiled his Sheikh’s Fatawas in book known as Fatawa Usmani.

After spending 5 years in Daurul Uloom Karachi he moved to his paternal institute Jamia Suffah where he continued his teachings in Darul Ifta. He is also performing his duties as an examiner (Naib Mohtamim) there. One of his biggest achievements is to form Al Safa Trust which is providing food and shelter to the affected people from natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. He also fulfils the duty of preaching Islam on various media channels with his solid research based programmes and got appreciation and fame.

He used to give online replies for quite a sometime on a famous religious tv channel called QTV. He got famous from a TV programme on GEO TV called ALAM which he did with Late Mr Junaid Jamshed. Recently he is appearing on a TV programme called PAYAM e SUBHA on Dunya TV and giving religious speeches. He also writes for a newspaper called DUNYA and UMMAT and solves the daily issues related to DEEN and its complications and solutions.


99 Qaris in 1 Man

Teacher at Masjid Nabawi Shareef, Madina

His unique quality is his ability from Allah to be able to emulate the recitation of the Holy Qur’an in the manner of world famous Qurra’ (reciters) including the Imams of the Haramain in Makkah and Madinah. To date he can simulate the recitation of 99 different Qurra’.

Sheikh Saad Nomani has studied under the greatest tutors in Saudia Arabia, from Sheikh Muhammad Abdul Maajed Zakir (Senior Qari from Riyadh) to many world renowned Qurra’, including Sheikh Abdur Rahman Al Sudais, Sheikh Ali Jaber and Sheikh Salih bin Humaid (Imams of Makkah).

The Shaykh has received awards from the Governor of Makkah (1996) and Medina (1998) for his heart rendering recitation of the noble Qur’an. He is currently the head and director of several organisations around the world.

  • Dr. Abdullah Omar Nasseef (President of World Muslim Congress) 2006
  • Sheikh Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhee ( President of Al Rajhi Group Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) 2007
  • Mr. Jawaid Ali Khan ( President of the Islamic Foundation of Toronto, Canada) 2008
  • Vice Admiral Saleem Akhtar Meenai HI (M)(Commander of Pakistan Navy, Karachi) 2009
  • Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan (Governor of Sindh ,Pakistan) 2004

Management Team


With more than 20 years of work experience in diverse sectors in various countries like Hong Kong, China and UAE, with expertise in management, operations, supply chain and import/exports, Joined Alif Group in 2009 as C.O.O in TCL Hong Kong, later moved to UAE and took over admin & HR Department to fulfill the utmost needs of human resources and restructuring the HR department at the time of expansion in 2011, currently heading the F&B Division.


Young and versatile professional with hands on experience in imports/exports, trading business started his career by joining his family’s trading business bringing it to its height then moved to property sector in UAE market and achieved success in various property ventures now heading Junaid Jamshed UAE and Oman.