Mufti Muhammad Zubair is a well-known famous religious scholar. After completing Hifz e Quran and primary education in Jamia Al-Saeed.. He did his MA Islamiaat (Daur e Hadees) From Jamia Darul Uloom Karachi in 1999. He completed his 3 yrs course of Takhassus Fil Ifta during this period he researched and issued fatwas which later was published in a famous magazine called Al Balaagh. Then his Sheikh Molana Mufti Mohammad Taqi Usmani appointed him as a teacher in Darul Ifta section of Darul Uloom Karachi. There he compiled his Sheikh’s Fatawas in book known as Fatawa Usmani.

After spending 5 years in Daurul Uloom Karachi he moved to his paternal institute Jamia Suffah where he continued his teachings in Darul Ifta. He is also performing his duties as an examiner (Naib Mohtamim) there. One of his biggest achievements is to form Al Safa Trust which is providing food and shelter to the affected people from natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. He also fulfils the duty of preaching Islam on various media channels with his solid research based programmes and got appreciation and fame.

He used to give online replies for quite a sometime on a famous religious tv channel called QTV. He got famous from a TV programme on GEO TV called ALAM which he did with Late Mr Junaid Jamshed. Recently he is appearing on a TV programme called PAYAM e SUBHA on Dunya TV and giving religious speeches. He also writes for a newspaper called DUNYA and UMMAT and solves the daily issues related to DEEN and its complications and solutions.


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