Alif Investments

Alif Investments Group was founded in Dubai and has been in the market since 2009 providing investment opportunities to prospective investors. We are a leader in Shariah Investments and the Financial Services Industry, with a proven track record in Strategic Investment Opportunities, Equity Investment, Asset and Portfolio Management Services.
We believe only in the SHARIAH way of doing business and have been fortunate, by the grace of All Mighty ALLAH, in thus having provided only HALAL necessities to consumers in the Middle East. The source of income of our investing partners should be Halal as we believe in Shariah business guidelines, and are always attracted by those who can promote the basic necessities for mankind.

Shariah Compliance

Shariah Compliance

Our Supervisory Board consists of highly qualified individuals representing the knowledge base of Jamia Binoria*,
a seminary of education and latest disciplines. The core objective of the board is to:

•   Advise and assist in development
•   Develop guidelines that comply with the rules and principles of Shariah
•   Supervise operations and ensure all documentation are in compliance with core Shariah principles