Women in UAE come together to celebrate ‘Naya Pakistan’

Women in UAE come together to celebrate 'Naya Pakistan'

The participants will be dressed in Pakistani national flag's colours for the event.

As Imran Khan takes his prime ministerial oath next week, a group of Pakistani women in the UAE is celebrating the "new beginning of their country".

Women from Pakistan, India and other nations will come together today for an event titled Naya Pakistan.

The participants will be dressed in Pakistani national flag's colours for the event.

The event, organised by a Pakistani expat Hena Khan, will be attended by over 50 women of different nationalities, mostly Indian and Pakistani.

It will be held from 12pm to 3pm at the B&B Cricket Bar, Dubai. The invitation is open to all women and children.

During an interaction with Khaleej Times, Pakistani expat women expressed joy over the win of Imran Khan and hoped the country will change for better.

"We have been desperately looking forward to see Imran Khan as our Prime Minister. Our dream has come true now, and we want to celebrate it," said Saleha, who works as teacher in Dubai. She added that they look forward to see better education system and most importantly, end to corruption.

Neha, an Indian expat, is excited to be a part of the event. She has been living in the UAE for eight years and has a daughter.

"It doesn't matter which country we belong to. We are bonded by love and harmony. I have many Pakistani friends and we share wonderful relationship," said Neha, who will be travelling from Sharjah to attend the event.

Another Indian mother, Shefali, said she wishes peace and development for Pakistan.

"We are celebrating 'Naya Pakistan' because we all want peace for all countries. By participating in the happiness of our Pakistani friends, we want to send a positive message across," she told Khaleej Times.

Kirti, who often holds jewellery exhibitions, said she felt proud as an Indian to be a part of the celebration of her Pakistani friends.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has emerged as the single largest party in Pakistan's National Assembly in the July 25 polls. Imran Khan, who is the chairman of PTI, will be taking over as the prime minister of Pakistan.

Talking about the event, Hena Khan said it will be attended by expat women to show support to 'Naya Pakistan' and celebrate Imran Khan's vision. Events like these give Indian and Pakistani community a chance to come together and network, she added.

Mahum Anees from Pakistan said she felt 'Naya Pakistan' will definitely change the meaning of democracy.

"I feel great, enthusiastic and equally happy to see women from other communities coming forward to show encouragement and appreciation, and to celebrate Naya Pakistan with us. It is a great opportunity to deepen their understanding of women's rights no matter which part of the world we belong to. We all are humans first."

Some women from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are also going to be a part of the event.