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    We are a leader in Shariah Investments and the Financial Services Industry, with a proven track record in Strategic Investment Opportunities, Equity Investment, Asset and Portfolio Management Services We believe only in the SHARIAH way of doing business and have been fortunate, by the grace of All Mighty ALLAH, in thus having provided only HALAL necessities to consumers in the Middle East. The source of income of our investing partners should be Halal as we believe in Shariah business guidelines, and are always attracted by those who can promote the basic necessities for mankind. 



    Cricket fans in the UAE now have a warm, welcoming popular spot to enjoy their favorite sport. Offering delicious delights like Halwa Puri, Nihari and other authentic Southeast Asian delicacies, B&B is a new concept combining fine dining with great fun.

    Whether you are looking for a corporate lunch or a family dinner, B&B is the choice for you.


     Established in the year 2007, Emly Chilli brings authentic recipes of Bun Kebab, Kebab Roll and Biryani from the streets of South Asia where this food was initially developed centuries ago. Our recipes originate from the times when freshly grounded spices were used to add flavor, color and aroma to the meals served.